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In 2008, Alcohol & Nature Product Corporation (ANP Corp.) was established by scientists from Hanoi University of Technology & Science and American-Vietnamese beverage experts with the passion to make high-end organic wine & spirits to promote cultural value.

Can you feel...the clear blue sky, fresh clean air on the top of 2000m high mountain. Laid out in front, waves of redness, the “Hong Phuc”. The unoaked yet refined aroma from mysterious North West mountains of Vietnam for your palate.

Bảo Lương Tửu ANP Rượu Sạch Bách

Bao luong tuu

While “soy aroma - 酱香” has the famous Moutai, “strong aroma - 浓香” also has our Bao Luong Tuu classified as luxurious white liquor range.

Our organic product is distilled carefully with a cutting-edge distilling equipment using 81 filter disks. Hence, the spirit still has aroma of rice lingering whilst Aldehyde and Methanol are eliminated to protect consumers’ health.

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