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Hong Phuc

Black Rice Wine 19% - 750ml

Can you feel...the clear blue sky, fresh clean air on the top of 2000m high mountain. Laid out in front, waves of redness, the “Hong Phuc”. The unoaked yet refined aroma from mysterious North West mountains of Vietnam for your palate.

During Henry Kissinger’s trip to see the great Ho Chi Minh, he raved black rice wine as a national ballad of Vietnam with enthusiasm. The melody that expresses rich culture and long history of this nation. The strength that pulls people together to revive after Vietnam War.

Hong Phuc is the successful result from 5-year-research of two American-Vietnamese with the deep love of their hometown. Also, a love story that will be told. The wine is made in premium quality with carefully selected organic ingredients. Black rice is the rare kind which is grown naturally on rice terrace for over a year in North West mountains of Vietnam. Moreover, Hong Phuc’s water coming from the spring of this mysterious mountain region, brings blessings for your loved one.

Not only does Hong Phuc carry lots of stories to tell, but is also a present for health. For centuries, Vietnamese legend stated that black rice was so rare and nutritious that it was only reserved for emperors. According to the research of many universities including Cornell University and Louisiana State University, this precious rice is a real boost for your health, it is rich in Anthocyanin antioxidants, vitamins and iron.

*56th United States Secretary of State 1973-1977


Taste better cold or with ice.


Rare black rice grown naturally

on rice terrace for over a year

in North West mountains of Vietnam.


Fresh spring water coming from

North West mountains of Vietnam

Precious rice for the emperors!


Carotene and Vitamins for healthier & brighter skin

Antioxidant activity of Anthocyanins for young & firm skin


Reduce probability of cell damage
Fighting cancer & heart disease
Improve blood circulation

Researched by Cornell University and Louisiana State University


8 types of Acid Amin & Protein

Vitamins (B, C và E)


Strong Aroma Liquor 53%


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