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Viet Thien Huong

40% - 500ml

Product made by Alcohol & Nature Product Corporation
Made from organic Vietnamese rice
Cutting-edge distilling equipment - 81 filter disks
Aldehyde and Methanol eliminated

With the guidance of Professor - Doctor of Food Chemistry Process and Equipment industry, Bach Khoa University has designed and succeeded in making Viet Thien Huong products using 100% clean Vietnamese rice. The product is clean alcohol, which is distilled many times by the 81-floor intermittent distillation tower technology, so it preserves the aroma of rice but still eliminates all aldehydes, methanol and harmful impurities so it does not cause headaches. physical and chemical criteria, microbiological criteria according to international standards, ensuring health for consumers.


Black Rice Wine 19%


Strong Aroma Liquor 53%


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